StreamIT Live Turnkey Studio Packages

StreamIT Live Studio Packages are turnkey multi-camera live streaming and recording solutions for businesses and government applications. Each package contains everything needed to install a live streaming and recording video production studio in any room up to 50’ x 50’.

StreamIt multi-camera studios packages are cost effective and are fully automated, requiring only a few clicks to start the production and no camera operators. The result is a professionally HD 1080P broadcast that rivals network television.

StreamIT Live packages are pre-built and configured for each client’s application, which is included in the cost of the package.

Zinger’s hosting and live streaming plans, powered by Boxcast, start at only $99 per month for unlimited broadcasts and viewers, no additional charges or setup fees. The system can also stream to any popular streaming platform and to Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope, or to your website.

Zinger’s StreamIT Live studio equipment packages are easy to install in any room up to 50’ x 50’. Zinger pre-builds, configures and tests each system to each client’s application, which is included in the cost of the package. It also come with your choice of microphones; wireless hand-held, lavalier or presenter headset.

Once the system gets installed, our video producers’ remotely program each camera angles, based on the client’s application, producing an automated professional HD production each time.

StreamIT equipment packages are available with two, three or four computer-controlled cameras and are ideal for house of worship, funeral homes, training departments, corporate communications and government meetings.


  1. Completely Automated – No Personnel needed after a few clicks.
  2. Camera Automatically Track Presenters - No Camera Operators needed
  3. Ideal for room dimensions up to 50’ x 50’
  4. Choose either 2, 3 or 4 Camera Package – mounts on Wall or Ceiling
  5. Schedule your event's start and end times to begin live stream.
  6. Turnkey packages are pre-built, configured and tested.
  7. Zinger’s HP Server powered by Vmix – (3-year warranty) with Audio Interface
  8. vMix 4K* Production and Live Stream Software
  9. Choice of Wireless Handheld, Lavalier or Presenter Mic(s)
  1. Programed Camera Shot Angles – Our Producers programs each camera's shot angles, for an automated, professional production, every time.
  2. Stream/Record in full HD to AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 or WMV
  3. BoxCast Ready – configured and ready to stream live – 14 Day Free Trial!
  4. Stream to perfectly sized Video on any device – phone, laptop, TV, tablet
  5. Automatically Archives each event for On-Demand viewing
  6. Manually control your production anytime, using your phone, tablet or laptop.
  7. Add Titles, Overlays and Graphics to your production.
  8. Stream Live simultaneously to – Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Your Website, and RTMP destination

* In order to use 4K in vMix, a System Upgrade is needed.