Installing StreamIT Live Studio Packages

StreamIT Live Studio Packages include cameras, encoder/broadcast server, microphone, hardware and software required to stream live HD broadcasts* and record videos automatically. Each package will come with a wiring diagram for the placement and installation of all the components.

The placement of the StreamIT Live encoder/broadcast server can be in another room, near your router or in the same room as the cameras.

After your purchase, we will forward a form to collect details about your presentations and the dimensions of your room. Zinger will then prepare a camera layout diagram and camera placement areas for your room or office. Cameras mount on your choice of wall or drop-ceiling mount or on a standard tripod.

Typical Camera Placement Layouts

2 Cameras A
2 Camera Package w/ 1 Tracking & 1 PTZ
2 Cameras B
2 Camera Package w/ 1 Tracking & 1 POV
3 Cameras A
3 Camera Package w/ 2 Tracking & 1 PTZ
3 Cameras B
3 Camera Package w/ 2 Tracking & 1 POV
4 Cameras
4 Camera Package w/ 2 Tracking, 1 PTZ & 1 POV

What the StreamIT Live Studio Packages Do Not Include

StreamIT Live equipment packages do not include cables behind the walls and power outlets. For the most part, two cables will be needed to be installed prior to installation. One Cat6 (Ethernet) cable and 1-RG-6 (SDI) Cable. Power is required for the tracking camera(s) and the StreamIT Live server.

Tracking Cameras

The Cat6 (Ethernet) cable will need to run from a switch (included) behind the tracking camera to your modem/router (up to 300’). An RJ45 Jack or connector is needed behind the tracking camera for the Cat6 cable.

The RG-6 (SDI) Cable will run from the location of the tracking camera to the location of where the server will be located. We recommend the server to be in same room as your router (up to 300’) but can also be in the same room as studio cameras or any other room up to 300’. BNC connectors are needed on the both ends of the RG-6 (SDI) Cable. Zinger offers pre-made RG-6 (SDI) cables with BNC connectors in 25’, 50’, 75’ and 100’ lengths.

You will also need a power outlet for each Tracking Camera in your package. Outlets should be placed behind each Tracking Camera.

PTZ & POV Cameras

The PTZ and POV Camera(s) in the StreamIT package will only need one Cat6 (Ethernet) cable to each camera. The Cat6 cable will run from the back of each POV and PTZ camera to the Switch (included) located behind the main Tracking Camera. The Cat6 (Ethernet) cable can run in the wall, above a drop-ceiling or connect directly to the switch behind the main Tracking Camera. Zinger offers pre-made Cat6 Ethernet cables in 25’, 50’, 75’ or 100’.

You do not need any power outlets for the PTZ and POV cameras, only the Tracking Cameras requires power.

After all the above cables and power is added, you can easily connect everything in your StreamIT Package.

Installation of the StreamIT Live Studio Packages

Installation of the StreamIt Live is easy to install. Zinger also offers installation services and can handle the installation for you. We offer installation services anywhere in the 48 states. For more information about our installation services contact us at 1-800-305-0445.

Bandwidth Information

You do need to have high-speed Internet service to stream video. Bear in mind that your upload speed is the most important factor in streaming video, but it is not the ONLY factor. Equipment in your network setup (ethernet cables, switches, routers, modems) all play an important part in reliably delivering video data.

It is important to note that you will need twice the amount of “bandwidth upload” of your stream output. Here is a guideline on the minimum and maximum bitrates the StreamIT Live system provides and the recommended target bitrate for your live stream:

ResolutionMin BitrateTarget BitrateMax Bitrate
720p301.0 Mbps4.0 Mbps6.0 Mbps
720p601.5 Mbps6.0 Mbps9.0 Mbps
1080p302.0 Mbps8.0 Mbps12.0 Mbps
1080p603.0 Mbps12.0 Mbps18.0 Mbps

These are just general recommendations and the optimal upload speed and bitrate depend on the type of content that you are streaming.