Boxcast Features

Zinger has partnered with BoxCast for Streaming and Archiving content. BoxCast is a complete, affordable, and easy-to-use live video streaming solution. All StreamIT Live studio packages comes configured with BoxCast and has a free 14-day trial.

per month
*paid annually
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*paid monthly
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  1. Unlimited ViewersExpand your audience by streaming to as many viewers as you can reach. Maximum of one million viewer minutes/month.
  2. Unlimited StreamingStream all of your events with no limit on the number of broadcasts you host.
  3. Video ResolutionDeliver high-quality video with resolutions up to 1080p.
  4. Automated SchedulingEliminate the task of starting and ending of your broadcast with pre-set scheduling. Only available using BoxCaster, BoxCaster Pro, or Broadcaster App.
  5. Advanced SchedulingSave time and plan ahead by scheduling broadcasts days or weeks before you go live. Set recurring broadcasts or upload your events in bulk.
  6. Unlimited Team MembersGive access to your whole production team with no user limits on your account.
  7. Maximum Broadcast DurationStream your whole event, even if it runs long. Up to 8 hours.
  8. Simulated LiveReach audiences who couldn’t tune in live by re-broadcasting recorded or uploaded broadcasts to any destination at any time.


  1. Stream to Your WebsiteControl your organization's brand by sending your stream directly to your own website with a customizable player.
  2. Stream to Facebook LiveReach your Facebook audience by streaming simultaneously to Facebook Live.
  3. Stream to YouTubeReach your YouTube audience by streaming simultaneously to YouTube.
  4. Stream to Periscope (Twitter)Reach your Twitter audience by streaming simultaneously to Periscope.
  5. Stream to Any RTMP DestinationReach your audiences on other platforms by streaming simultaneously to any RTMP destination.
  6. Stream to a Hosted LinkShare your stream with viewers via a private link hosted on
  7. Stream to ChromecastLet viewers watch your stream on their Smart TVs by sending broadcasts from the BoxCast Player to Chromecast.
  8. Stream to Apple TVLet viewers watch your stream on their Smart TVs using the BoxCast App for Apple TV.
  9. Stream to RokuLet viewers watch your stream on their Smart TVs using the BoxCast App for Roku.
  10. Stream to Amazon Fire TVLet viewers watch your stream on their Smart TVs using the BoxCast App for Amazon Fire TV.

Support & Monitoring

  1. Unlimited Priority SupportOur expert live streaming specialists are available by phone or email 7 days a week (Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm ET, Sun 7am - 9pm ET). With backgrounds in video and audio produciton, and experience serving thousands of customers and setups, our support team is equipped to answer any live streaming question.
  2. Stream DiagnosticsTroubleshoot issues using detailed data about the status and health of your live stream (bit rate, frame rate, and packet loss).
  3. Broadcaster App MonitoringMonitor all of your broadcasts from anywhere with the Broadcaster App for iOS.
  4. Encoder ManagementTrack and control all of your encoders from anywhere via the BoxCast Dashboard.


  1. Viewer Engagement StatsUnderstand your reach with engagement graphs and data on total views, unique viewers, and average view duration.
  2. Geo-AnalyticsSee where in the world your viewers are watching, with a live interactive map.
  3. Viewer InsightsTake a detailed look at how viewers watch your content with data on viewing destinations, devices, browsers and operating systems, and playback quality.

Video Player

  1. Social SharingLet your viewers promote your stream with easy social media sharing.
  2. ChannelsOrganize your broadcasts by categorzing them into customizable, embedible channels.
  3. Mobile-Friendly PlayerDeliver a great viewer experience on phones, tablets, or computers with an responsive HTML5 player.
  4. Live DVRAllow your viewers to restart or jump to specific points in your broadcast while it's still live.
  5. Adaptive Bitrate PlaybackEnsure buffer-less plackback with automatic resolution optimization for various viewer watching conditions.
  6. Countdown TimerLet viewers know when you'll be going live by displaying a countdown on top of the embedded player.
  7. Pre-Broadcast VideoEngage your viewers before your before your broadcast begins, with a looping video on the player when you are not live.

Video Management

  1. Downloading + ExportingDownload audio or video of your broadcasts or export them to YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Audio DownloadsCreate podcasts and other audio content by downloading an audio version of your recorded broadcasts.
  3. RSS Feeds for Third-Party ApplicationsExtend the reach of your content by syndicating video and audio from yourbroadcasts with automatically generated RSS and MRSS feeds.
  4. Automatic RecordingLet viewers watch the automically recorded broadcast using the same links and embeds.
  5. Video StorageStore unlimited broadcasts on the BoxCast Platform for a certain time period. Keep video beyond specified limit for $0.49/hour. Up to 90 days.
  6. TrimmingCut out dead time by trimming the beginning and ends from your broadcast.
  7. Broadcast ReplacementsShowcase the best version by replacing live broadcasts with post-produced video without changing links, embeds, or analytics.
  8. Broadcast UploadsKeep all your videos in one place by uploading and storing them. Once uploaded, use all features of the BoxCast Platform.